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Evolutik is a young Start up that took shape during the confinement period in 2020. It benefited from the  Label Start-Up Act and aDIGICC Challengeaward (cultural sector)for its first Eazytick e-ticketing solution.

Its ambition is to develop an Artificial Intelligence module and two solutions: Packs and reputation.

Evolutik wishes to provide scalable and adapted solutions for digitization in the service of culture, sport and the event sector.

Eazytickis a solution that was developed to meet the needs in terms of online ticket sales but also for other shortcomings noted on products currently on the market.

It wants to be intended as well for the Tunisian market as for the international market.

It is a well-thought-out solution, developed and tested in Tunisia during the period of the health crisis which allows the dematerialization of the ticketing, the simplification of procedures, and the achievement of significant savings, control, time, personnel ... and offering a multitude of advantages.

It will be equipped with an artificial intelligence module to collect data that will be relevant to the various organizers, in particular in order to better target their customers.

With this new solution, all the organizers of events (paid or free), festivals, concerts, films, etc. will be able to:

Create their own Organizer account, Create events like:

1) festivals, concerts, parties, gala, dinners, vernissage, receptions, sports competitions.

2) Simply, easily and quickly start sales.

3) Choose their own points of sale.

4) Take advantage of the cash register management solution.

5) Offer different means of payment.

6) Determine the currencies to use (multi-currency).

7) Sell your events that take place abroad.

8) Allow your customers to have their own accounts to reissue their tickets, stay in touch with you (news, important information, etc.).

9) Control and monitor their sales.

10) Boost the communication of their events when necessary.

11) Control access via applications (Android and I Phone).

12) Issue invitations with QR codes.

13) Manage their guests and opportunities to ask them to confirm their attendance.

14) Edit different promo codes for their partners.

15) Insert their own general conditions.

16) Add the logos of their partners on tickets or their invitations.

17) Quickly and easily edit the plan of their room (s) and sell them with the seat reservation system.

18) Obtain their sales reports, access ... at the end of the event.

19) Easily manage any cancellations.

20) Create different levels of access for their employees.

21) Offer ticket holders the possibility of refunding, converting, donating their tickets…).

22) Benefit from our "artificial intelligence" module to target their potential customers more quickly. Targeting according to customer history

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It will be equipped with an artificial intelligence module to collect data that will be relevant to the various organizers, in particular in order to better target their customers.

Evolutik will put online two other solutions essential to its development.

One of the solutions will offer different Artistic Packs.

The artists will be able to select services such as the realization of the recording of their CD, video clip, communication campaign (display, photo report, media, social networks, website ...) but also which will allow them, if they wish it , to raise funds to finance these services (Crowdfunding).

Sometimes called web-reputation, cyber-reputation, digital reputation, on the web, on the Internet or online, is the reputation, the common opinion on the web of an entity, legal or natural person, real or imagined.

E-reputation is defined as the image conveyed or experienced on the web of a company, a brand, an individual, or a product on various media such as search engines, platform opinions, social networks, digital word of mouth, etc ...

Our solution will offer to manage the reputation of our customers and operate an old-fashioned service.

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Evolutik offers a complete digital e-Ticketing solution, designed by professionals for the needs of professionals.