A propos de nous

  • Evolutik est une jeune Start up qui a pris forme pendant la période de confinement en 2020.
  • Elle a bénéficié du  Label Start Up Act et d’un prix du DIGICC Challenge (secteur culturel) pour sa première solution d’e-Ticketing EazyTick.
  • Elle a également développé un module d’Intelligence Artificielle. Deux solutions verront le jour très bientôt : le service d’accompagnement artistique ainsi que la e-Réputation.
  • Evolutik souhaite apporter des solutions évolutives et adaptées pour la digitalisation au service de la culture, du sport et du secteur de l’événementiel.

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Presentation of Evolutik

  • Evolutik is a young Startup that took shape during the confinement period in 2020.
  • It benefited from the  Label Start-Up Act and a DIGICC Challenge award (cultural sector) for its first e-Ticketing solution EazyTick.
  • She has also developed an Artificial Intelligence module. Two solutions will emerge very soon: the artistic support service and e-reputation. Two solutions will emerge very soon: the artistic support service and e-reputation.
  • Evolutik wishes to provide scalable and adapted solutions for digitization in the service of culture, sport, and the event sector.

Solutions offered by Evolutik

E-Ticketing solution

EazyTalent Solution

Reputation web solution

Presentation of EazyTick



A more convenient and simpler tool for acquiring your tickets and packages designed to save you all the hassle of a direct purchase requiring travel and queues.


Evolutik’s artistic support service will offer various services to support artists (management, promotion, production of media content, etc.).


This solution will offer a surveillance system in the form of a high-performance web-radar which will allow any person or entity wishing to subscribe to the service to have total control of their online presence. The solution will enable a monitoring service with a system of notifications and analysis reports.

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